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Firmware hack friendly eurorack modules

I made a list of firmware hack friendly eurorack modules at ModularGrid.

It may be helpful for expanding sound pallet and playability in future.

Of course, many other boutique modules and non eurorack format hardware exist.

For example:

  • Launchpad Pro (novation)

(Updated 22.Aug.2021) I made FR4 pcb panel using Cherry MX mechanical keyswitch! It’s so comfortable.

Make Noise Pressure Points and René (current) have very useful touch interfaces. But René (Classic) sometimes failed to recognize touch.

It’s obvious that the best way is using René (current). But I decided to modify my own René (Classic) replacing with tactile switch.


It works fine!

  • Pros: Operation works perfect. It also generates acoustic percussive sound of tactile switch and tactile feedback.


  • 12mm tactile switch for touch grid: OMRON B3F5000 x16

Xaoc Devices Batumi is the one of the best LFO module in eurorack modular synthesizer, and developed by open source.

I share the way of starting to develop custom firmware of Batumi.


  1. Install Mutable Instruments develop environment

  • Install VirtualBox 5.x (with expansion pack) and Vagrant

  • Clone or download the source code (please refer above link)
$ vagrant up(wait for several minutes for execution)$ vagrant ssh$ make -f clouds/bootloader/makefile
$ make -f clouds/makefile
(above is test build for checking whether environment is stable)

2. Connect Batumi with Update mode

  • Disconnect…


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